• Al Sinya, near Al Ula

    Sporadic small figures on this rock are sprinkled about its face. It is unusual in having three lions depicted. A chariot with multiple spokes is pulled by two equids and one man is driving it. Camels are also shown, as well as one domestic bull.

  • Area C, Mada’in Saleh

    Area C is an outcrop in the southeastern part of Mada'in Saleh that contains numerous tombs, dating to 16-61 CE.

  • Painted bull panel, Bir Hima

    This excellent panel of petroglyphs was discovered on 24 January 2010 by Dr. Majeed Khan and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History team in the Bir Hima region of Saudi Arabia, in Najran Province.

  • Hoodoo, Bir Hima

    A delicately balanced block of sandstone (or hoodoo) at the top of this hill attracted the attention of ancient artists in southern Saudi Arabia.

  • Chariot Horses in context of local landscape, Jubbah

    The magnificent sandstone outcrops near Jubbah, Saudi Arabia, provide a breathtaking backdrop for the unique petroglyphs that occur there.

  • Eagle’s Nest, Jubbah

    This panel of petroglyphs near Jubbah is densely packed with animal and human figures, mainly dating to the Neolithic, but with some more recent ones overlying them.

  • Shuwaymis East, Camel Panel

    These camel petroglyphs are much more recent than the Neolithic petroglyphs found on the west side of the valley at Shuwaymis. Here, the full beauty of the panel is illuminated by the setting sun.

  • Shuwaymis West

    The Neolithic age of this panel is readily identified by the distinctive style of pecking used to produce the deeply-incised petroglyphs and by the unique assemblage of animals and humans shown here, including extinct wild cattle.

  • Qaryat al-Asba

    This is one of the best known and most visited examples of Saudi Arabian rock art, located not far west of Riyadh. This prominent panel bears a wide diversity of animals and numerous battle scenes.

  • Horsemen Slab, Bir Hima

    An isolated block of sandstone is adorned by three mounted cavalrymen wielding lances and a sword.