• Hunter-Herders, Jebel Qatar Cave

    It depicts a herding scene with a a bull, sheep, and goats being herded by men and dogs.

  • Oryx Hunting Scene

    This boulder is heavily laden with petroglyphs. It is located just south of The King and Eagle's Nest at Jebel al Sanman, Jubbah.

  • Qasr Al Bint, Mada’in Saleh

    Qasr al Bint, “Palace of the Daughter or Maiden,” is the largest tomb façade at Mada'in Saleh, with a height of 16 m. It lends its name to the group of adjacent tombs.

  • Al Diwan, Mada’in Saleh

    In the middle of the Jebel Ithlib is a natural slit that measures 40 m (131 feet), called the Siq, after a similar corridor at Petra.

  • Dhabiya 2, near Shamli, Ha’il Province

    Dhabiya 2, located near the town of Shamli, in Ha'il Province, has several panels with Arabian horses and riders that are very well executed.