• Al Naslaa, Tayma

    Al Naslaa is one of the most photogenic petroglyphs we have seen. The uniform slit between the two standing stones and the flat faces are completely natural.

  • Jebel Habib, Tayma (detail)

    This close-up shows the elegance of the Arabian horse, the only figure on this massive rock face.

  • Jebel Habib, Tayma

    Jebel Habib is another half dome with a large flat surface ideal for carving petroglyphs. It is in a beautiful setting with sand drifting like waves on a seashore against the rock face.

  • Uqulqh, Tayma

    Uqulqh is a large sandstone outcrop not far from the ancient city of Tayma. It features Arabian horses with tasseled tails that resemble those of donkeys or camels.

  • Al Naslaa 2, Tayma

    When one approaches this massive half-dome, one is struck by the beauty of the sandstone and the desert around it. The sand seems to sweep up around it like waves along the seashore.

  • Al Daksh detail, Tayma

    This pretty panel has three very elegant Arabian horses depicted, with the central figure being the largest.