• Dhabiya 2, near Shamli, Haโ€™il Province

    Dhabiya 2, located near the town of Shamli, in Ha'il Province, has several panels with Arabian horses and riders that are very well executed.

  • Shuwaymis East, Camel Panel

    These camel petroglyphs are much more recent than the Neolithic petroglyphs found on the west side of the valley at Shuwaymis. Here, the full beauty of the panel is illuminated by the setting sun.

  • Shuwaymis West

    The Neolithic age of this panel is readily identified by the distinctive style of pecking used to produce the deeply-incised petroglyphs and by the unique assemblage of animals and humans shown here, including extinct wild cattle.

  • Sandy Point, Shuwaymis East

    A dramatic sandstone outcrop on the east side of the Shuwaymis valley hosts several assemblages of petroglyphs of more recent dates, including many camels.

  • A’Abar Harema morning, Bir Hima

    This dramatic and complex panel shows a vivid battle scene with infantry, cavalry, and camel corps fighting with sabers and long lances. Whether this depicts one enormous battle or several smaller ones is difficult to say.

  • Al Naslaa 2, Tayma

    When one approaches this massive half-dome, one is struck by the beauty of the sandstone and the desert around it. The sand seems to sweep up around it like waves along the seashore.