Striped Hyena: Hyaena hyaena.

Length 100-120 cm (39-47 in)
Weight: 25-55 kg (55-121 lb)


The hyena has a dog-like body with strong forequarters and a back that slopes down in the rear. The neck is long and powerful and the muzzle is blunt, with powerful dentition for crushing bones. This species has a pale gray or beige body with black stripes on its sides and a black and white tail. The body hair is long and shaggy, with a crest from head to tail that stands erect during confrontation. The tail is long and bushy and the claws are short. They are nocturnal omnivores that forage, scavenge, and occasionally hunt defenseless animals. They are mostly solitary or in pairs, but can form groups up to seven individuals.

Today in Arabia, its diet consists mainly of the meat of goats, sheep, and donkeys. They have been seen eating insects and fruit, as well. Melon patches and horses are often targeted by the Striped Hyena, which brings it into conflict with humans. There are few depictions in the Saudi rock art.


The Striped Hyena lives in arid regions from true desert to savanna, and from sea level to 3,000 meters. They will revisit larger caves for rest, and will avoid thick forests and open deserts.


The Striped Hyena exists across North and East Africa, Arabia, the Middle East, Asia Minor, Central Asia and the Indian Sub-continent. The populations in East Africa and Arabia have a smaller body size than the rest.