• Ghouwtah

    Ghouwtah is a petroglyph locality that is a few kilometers east of Jubbah, just slightly south of the main road that heads due east out of the town. It has two main petroglyphs, both of which appear to be later in age based on the writing, subjects and style. The first, which we call Split Rock, has camels, oryxes, a canid, ostriches, and people who are either fighting or playing games.

  • Qatar Cave

    Qatar Cave is located on the north side of the Jebel Qatar, a large pyramidal mountain. The cave, which is more than halfway up the steep slope, has a remarkably well-preserved scene showing several men with their herd of sheep and goats confronting wild cattle with bows and arrows.

  • Jubbah

    Two regions are known to contain the best and oldest examples of Neolithic rock art: Jubbah, northwest of the city of Ha’il - and Shuwaymis, southwest of Ha’il and near the town of al-Hayit. Of these two, Jubbah is the best known and most published.