• Hoodoo, Bir Hima

    A delicately balanced block of sandstone (or hoodoo) at the top of this hill attracted the attention of ancient artists in southern Saudi Arabia.

  • Shuwaymis East, Camel Panel

    These camel petroglyphs are much more recent than the Neolithic petroglyphs found on the west side of the valley at Shuwaymis. Here, the full beauty of the panel is illuminated by the setting sun.

  • Chariot and Horses (detail), Jubbah

    This style of depicting a chariot and its team of horses in plan view is distinctive and unique for Saudi Arabia.

  • “The King,” Jubbah

    Located a short walk from the "Eagle's Nest" panel of petroglyphs at Jubbah, this unique panel shows a large, atypically realistic figure of a male, who has been interpreted as a king or other person of authority.

  • Equine hunting scene at Shuwaymis

    This Neolithic petroglyph, which can be found on the western side of the Shuwaymis locality, is a hunting scene in which a bow hunter and his pack of dogs prepare to dispatch an African wild ass or onager.

  • Al Naslaa, Tayma

    Al Naslaa is one of the most photogenic petroglyphs we have seen. The uniform slit between the two standing stones and the flat faces are completely natural.

  • Uqulqh, Tayma

    Uqulqh is a large sandstone outcrop not far from the ancient city of Tayma. It features Arabian horses with tasseled tails that resemble those of donkeys or camels.

  • Hisan Arnan, Ha’il Province

    Hisan Arnan, in Ha'il Province, is a large sandstone block with one face heavily packed with figures and writing.