• Eagle’s Nest, Jubbah

    This panel of petroglyphs near Jubbah is densely packed with animal and human figures, mainly dating to the Neolithic, but with some more recent ones overlying them.

  • Petroglyph Valley, Bir Hima

    This wadi at Bir Hima preserves a rich assemblage of petroglyphs in an unusual concentration. The rock art here displays a wide variety of subjects, including animals, humans, and Alia figures, reflecting multiple phases of cultural activity.

  • Detail of Aliah figures, Petroglyph Valley, Bir Hima

    Multiple Aliah figures, along with warriors on horseback, camels, ibex, etc., adorn this handsome panel in a small wadi near Bir Hima.

  • “The King,” Jubbah

    Located a short walk from the "Eagle's Nest" panel of petroglyphs at Jubbah, this unique panel shows a large, atypically realistic figure of a male, who has been interpreted as a king or other person of authority.